Customized Training

We customize sales training solutions because it produces better results for our clients.

At the Science of Closing Sales, we customize to the deepest levels in the industry. We customize sales training solutions because it produces the best results for our clients. Whether it is the customization of our core training solution, or the development of customized solutions, our proprietary customization process ensures the solution supports your objectives and end results with the greatest impact on performance.

Our clients choose to work with us because we provide training that is relevant to each audience particularly the advertising sales industry and insurance business, etc while still providing core consistency across the organization. We customize efficient and effective content of our comprehensive curriculum to integrate with our clients' strategies, markets, services or products, sales challenges, and sales tools. Customization allows for implementation during the training and contributes greatly to a high return on investment.


The sales process should be as natural and fluid as a well choreographed dance.

Butch Bellah